Dehydrated Bitter gourd (KARAVILA)


Fresh Bitter gourd is dehydrated in controlled environment preserving its natural taste and nutrition content. This is a miracle superfood for immunity , diabetes and glowing skin. One pack serves for 4-5 people that can be used after boiling for 10-20 minutes. Salads, fries and even drinks can be cooked

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Bitter gourd is a superfood rich in Vitamins, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium that boost the healthy cholesterol level in your body with lowering sugar level which is miracle medicine for diabetes. Its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties clean toxins of your liver and protect against cancer and strengthen the immune system. Large variety of Vitamins like Vitamin C,B9, K reduce inflammation in joints and reduce anxiety and depression. The secret recipe of glowing skin contains in this miracle vegetable, and we serve you the best quality natural freshness to your kitchen with latest and advanced quality control and processing techniques.

One pack serves for 5-6 people can be used after boiling for 20 minute. Salads, fries and even juices can be cooked with our products process with love and respect to deliver the best value to the customer.

  • Weight:3kg
  • Category:Food
  • Tags:Vegetables, Fruits

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