Lasia root (Kohila)


We pick the best quality organic lasia root (Kohila) in the market with high level of quality control. During its process natural taste and flavors are preserved with advanced processing techniques. No preservatives are added and one pack serves for 4-5 people. Before cooking the product need to be soaked in water for 20 minutes to regain its natural freshness

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Lasia root is a fibre rich superfood that gives the motion in your stomach preventing the constipation. It has a high tendency to reduce absorption of sugar and fat to the body which good for cholesterol patients. It boost the liver function and increase the metabolic activities of the body

For the cooking process, soak the dehydrated content for 20-30 minutes and it will absorb the water and regain its natural fresh state where you can cook for your favourite recipe.

  • Weight:3kg
  • Category:Food
  • Tags:Vegetables, Fruits

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