Dried jackfruit

Fresh organic jackfruit hand picked and processed with high quality techniques, securing the natural taste and flavour at your meal. One pack is served for 5-6 people and that can be prepared in gravy (kirikos maluwa) / boiled jackfruit (Thambapu kos) or number of high energy recipes. Dehydrated jackfruit in the pack need to be soaked for 20 minutes before start the cooking process.

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Jackfruit is tropical superfood in many Asian countries from centuries back which is an ideal healthy meal replacement for rice and flour. Jackfruit is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants that boost your body 's immunity against diabetes, cancer and natural effects of aging. It contains high dietary fibre with low in sugar which prevents the constipation in the digestive system. Jackfruit is a natural superfood that contains vitamins A, B6,C,D and minerals like Calcium, Potassium and iron help to energize your body, increasing the breast feeding potential of the moms and make the eyesight healthy. This product is free from any artificial preservatives and any additional ingredients for taste and colour boosters. Product is prepared by dehydrating the moisture content in the food securing its natural nutrition content.

For the cooking process, soak the dehydrated content for 20-30 minutes and it will absorb the water and regain its natural fresh state where you can cook for your favourite recipe.

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  • Category:Food
  • Tags:Vegetables, Fruits

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